World War III, 9/11, and Chabad of Wall Street

By Richard Edmondson

Financial analyst Max Keiser says we are now essentially in World War III, a conflict he describes as a war of fiscal plunder being waged by Wall Street against the sovereign nations of the world. It is a war in which the key financial institutions—the investment banks and the ratings companies—have joined together and actually enjoy the upper hand because collectively they “are bigger than any of these countries.” Watch the  video below and listen as Keiser describes how the bankers zero in on autonomous, independent nations and deliberately destabilize them, using financial derivatives, debt accumulation, and ratings downgrades. The goal, he says, is not to lessen volatility in the global economy, but to actually create more of it.

This is part of a new era on Wall Street...This is a war. This is World War III…

Of course, what Keiser leaves unspoken is that by and large the dominant players in this war waged by Wall Street are Jewish. In a post last week I included a very telling quote from Menachem Mendel Schneerson, an orthodox Hasidic rabbi who upon his death in 1994 was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, an action sponsored by New York Senator Chuck Schumer and unanimously approved by both houses of Congress. Schneerson, the much celebrated leader of the Chabad Lubavitch movement, was a firm proponent of the belief that God created the heavens and the earth for the sake of Jews, and that the Jewish soul is of a higher order than the Gentile soul. The quote I supplied in my post of last week reads: “The main avodah of this generation is to go out to the final war of the golus, to conquer and to purify all the gentile countries.” The quote can be sourced here. A brief explanation on the terminology may be in order. Golus is a Hebrew word meaning “exile” and usually refers to the exile of the Jewish people from “their” homeland, while avodah means “work” and is traditionally used in the context of work performed in service to God. What Schneerson was saying in other words is that the present generation of Jews—the “last generation of exile and darkness” (i.e. those born since the establishment of the state of Israel)—should go out and “conquer and purify” the Gentile nations, and that this is God’s wish. At the time Schneerson made the statement, he probably realized that Israel, despite its arsenal of nuclear weapons, was in no position to militarily conquer every single Gentile country, at least not without annihilating a good portion of the planet in the process. So did “the Rebbe,” as he was fondly called, have some other means of conquest in mind?

Chabad of Wall Street

Schneerson was of course highly revered. Here he is described as “a major phenomenon in modern Jewish life,” while others have gone so far as to claim he was the long-overdue Jewish messiah. What are the implications of all this? Chabad, despite its racist doctrine, is an extremely powerful and influential organization. According to Wikipedia, there are an estimated 3,300 Chabad institutions in 70 countries around the world. So how many movers and shakers on Wall Street are Chabists, and should we be surprised to learn that a Chabad of Wall Street actually exists and is listed among a total of 16 Chabad centers located in the city of New York alone?

Directed by Rabbi Shmaya Katz and his wife Rachel Katz, Chabad of Wall Street’s activities include teaching Torah classes, hosting communal Shabbat meals, and “wrapping tefillin around the arms of those who hold Wall Street in their hands.” So how, we might wonder, have these folks fared since the country’s economic collapse? An article at gives us the following:

Situated on Fulton and Nassau streets, Chabad of Wall Street is in the heart of the financial district. Nowhere is the impact of the economic crisis more pervasively felt than here, say Chabad representatives to the area, Rabbi and Mrs. Shmaya and Rachel Katz.


“We are in daily contact with friends, community members and businesspeople who’ve been devastated by the downturn and are holding on for dear life,” says Rabbi Katz.

“Devastated”—or enriched beyond their wildest dreams? Ever hear of Larry Silverstein? Larry is the Jewish businessman who acquired the entire World Trade Center complex on July 24, 2001, at which time he took out a whopping insurance policy, a move which was to garner him $4.5 billion in claims payouts after the towers were hit a month and a half later. It seems Silverstein not only was on a lucky streak, but he also has a soft spot in his heart for Chabad—a trait he shares in common with a number of other prominent New Yorkers:

Rabbi Katz maintains a dawn to midnight schedule of classes and tefillin regulars in some of New York City’s most high-powered corner offices. His Chanukah menorah lighting venues have become something of a legend.


Before 9/11, Larry Silverstein, billionaire leaseholder of the World Trade Center, lit Chabad of Wall Street’s menorah. Last year, Rabbi Katz led a lighting ceremony with philanthropist George Rohr in the New York Stock Exchange boardroom. On another night of Chanukah 2007, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg hosted a menorah lighting ceremony with Chabad. Rabbi Katz dreams of bringing the light of a Chanukah menorah to NYSE closing bell.


As Chabad of Wall Street spreads its wings to cover more of downtown New York, Rabbi Chaim Drizin, Rabbi Katz’s assistant, is reaching different pockets of Manhattanites.


In Tribeca, film industry movers and shakers: agents, entertainment lawyers, directors and writers are in Rabbi Drizin’s private classes unfolding the mystical side of Judaism that’s way beyond wearing a snippet of red embroidery floss as a bracelet.


He also reaches a core group of 100-plus financial wizards, bringing them the inner meaning of the weekly Torah portion in 30-minute chunks.

We also must ponder the irony of Silverstein taking out such a large insurance policy on a building that was worth considerably less than the amount he had it insured for. In fact, according to the Information Underground, the World Trade Center towers were “filled with asbestos” and deemed “nearly worthless” at the time. Coincidentally, also, Silverstein, who normally held business breakfasts each morning at “Windows on the World” restaurant (North Tower, floor 107), just so happened to have been absent the morning of September 11. His two children, who worked at the WTC, had taken the day off as well.

One of the WTC buildings, Building 7, collapsed even though, curious to say, it was never struck by an airplane. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have said this edifice, as well as the two taller buildings, were all brought down not by the impact of planes, but by means of controlled demolition.

Building 7, again coincidentally, was rebuilt in “near record time,” according to Silverstein’s company website . The new structure, constructed at a cost of $700 million and named “7 World Trade Center,” is a 52-story, 1.7 million square foot office high-rise that opened its doors in May of 2006. One of its major tenants is the Moody’s credit rating agency, which signed a 20-year lease to occupy a total of 15 of the building’s floors. In entering into the lease agreement, Moody’s sold its former headquarters at 99 Church Street in downtown Manhattan for $170 million. Who was the purchaser? None other than Silverstein. According to the New York Times, the 7 World Trade Center project was extensively subsidized by taxpayers at both the state and local levels.

Another prominent Chabadist who seems suspiciously linked to 9/11 is Ronald Lauder, of the Estee Lauder cosmetics company. According to Information Underground, Lauder was chairman of New York Governor George Pataki’s commission on privatization and was “the key individual who lobbied for the privatization of the WTC.” The site also informs us Lauder founded, in Herzliya, Israel, the “Lauder School of Government Diplomacy and Strategy,” which IU describes as “a school for the Mossad.” A description of the school can be found here.

Currently president of the World Jewish Congress, Lauder also oversees investments in real estate and media, including Israeli TV, and has close ties to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His daughter Jane is married to Kevin Warsh, who was appointed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 2006 by George W. Bush. Lauder’s connections to Chabad, particularly a Chabad center in Austria, are discussed here, where we learn of his founding of not only a Chabad elementary school, but also a Jewish university which includes a heritage center directed by a Chabad rabbi:

Following the day’s events, Lauder said at a dinner in his honor that he owes all of his accomplishments in establishing Jewish education to the merit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory.


“Without me meeting his emissary, Rabbi Biderman, 20 years ago in this city (Vienna),” said Lauder, “all of that I have done would not have happened.”

Merry Christimas, and

Over the past three weeks I have posted several articles (see here, here, and here ) in which I discussed Noahidism, the Talmudic religion for Gentiles, and its striking similarities to Christian Zionism—both being about worshipping Jews as the “chosen people” of God. Based upon the so-called “seven laws of Noah,” Noahidism has been heavily promoted, and with some considerable degree of success, by Chabad, which has assisted in establishing Gentile/Noahide communities in a number of cities and countries. (For examples see here, here, here, here, here, and here. ). Chabad and Noahidism—and their possible tie-ins to 9/11—are also discussed by Carol A. Valentine in a rather amazing article entitled Merry Christimas, and OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! It is a definite must-read. Valentine highlights additional Chabad ties that are well worth noting, by a number of prominent Jews both in and out of government, including Senator Carl Levine, former Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, and Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary under George W. Bush. Though written in May of 2002 (concurrent with the siege of the Church of the Nativity), Valentine’s analysis remains largely as true today as it was then, if not more so. Gentiles are being used as laborers in a war for Jewish supremacy, while Noahidism, she says, is “a synthesized religion invented for a servant class.” But what is truly amazing about this article is that Valentine, just eight months after the 9/11 attacks, seems to have adduced with near exactitude what much of the rest of the world, ten years later, is only now beginning to understand: that 9/11 was a false flag attack carried out by Israel.

The article is extremely long, covering a sizeable compendium of material, though well-written and not without a dose of wit and humor (Valentine refers to the noahide laws as the “naugahyde laws”), and I would recommend people take the time to visit her site and read it in its entirety. However, here are a couple of (relatively) small excerpts, the first one starting out with a quote from the odious website:

"In simple terms, we are at war. It is not a struggle merely for power, wealth, or some other material advantage; it is a titanic clash over the future of world civilization . . . This war has already spread into every nation, ever social institution, every human activity. It has thus become a world war in the ultimate sense," say the Lubavitchers.

mirrored at:

Well, that clears matters up. Jews are going to wipe out all other civilizations in the world and replace them with one of their own design. They intend to rule the world.


The Jewish people have the unique power of victory, to liberate the world from its current road to complete self-destruction. Since we are now in the last generation of the Jewish exile and the first generation of Moshiach our actions are guaranteed to produce miraculous success.


But there is not a sufficient number of Jews to bring about global victory of the Jews over others. Weenies are needed to help. Now we see the purpose of the Naugahydes:


And as the Lubavitcher Rebbe has explained, by transforming the gentiles we can quickly create a vast army of supporters who will help us reveal Moshiach [Messiah: that is, the Jewish people] and bring all Jews back to the Torah.

Specifically, the Rebbe has emphasized that the 'peace process' in Israel will be defeated only through our influence on the gentiles — especially through the campaign to teach the Noachide Laws (see Sichos in English, vol. 16, [19 Kislev 5743]).


Note, above: The Reeb [Schneerson-ed.] demanded the Middle East peace process must be "defeated." Allan Brownfeld Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, March 2000 says:


Rabbi Schneerson always supported Israeli wars and opposed any retreat. In 1974 he strongly opposed the Israeli withdrawal from the Suez area. He promised Israel divine favors if it persisted in occupying the land. After his death, thousands of his Israeli followers played an important role in the election victory of Binyamin Netanyahu. Among the religious settlers in the occupied territories, the Chabad Hassids constitute one of the most extreme groups. Baruch Goldstein, the mass murderer of Palestinians, was one of them.

As you will see below, two prominent Jews in the Department of Defense — Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and DoD Comptroller Rabbi Dov Zakheim, pay public homage to the Lubavitchers and share public podiums with them at their events. Does that help to explain why there is no peace in the Middle East? On the basis of this admonition from Schneerson, who is the aggressor?

Clearly stated, then, the synthetic Naughahyde religion has another practical advantage: It ensures Gentile Americans are politically motivated to endorse the genocide of the Palestinians.

Valentine also notes that in the official version of events, 9/11 had nothing to do with Israel, but that in reality “the dream of the Reeb and his followers for Jewish world domination had everything in common with Bush’s war on Islam.” The game plan seems to be for Christianity to be undermined and destroyed from within, while Islam is attacked from without:

How will this Final War for Jerusalem be fought? First, the opposing forces will disappear.


The Messiah [the Jews] will teach the Word of G-d to all nations, causing Christianity and other religions to disappear. The bible says that everyone will become a Hasidic Gentile . . .


“Who is the Son of G_d?”
mirrored at:

Now we see what role the Gentiles in the US military will play in the “Final War for Jerusalem.” The US military will help Islam to “disappear.”

On September 11, 2001, remote-controlled planes were used to crash into the WTC and Pentagon sites. The hits were carried out with the full knowledge and consent of the North American Aerospace Command and blamed on Muslim terrorists.


Know that the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sen. Carl Levin (D.-Mich.) is a supporter of Chabad Lubavitch.
cached at:

We can now understand why, on September 13, 2001, just two days after the catastrophe, Levin allowed Gen. Richard B. Myers, Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on September 11, 2001, and a former NORAD commander, to bob and weave and lie about events that day. After watching him so perfrom, Levin and his committee confirmed Myers as the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We can understand why, on October 25, Sen. Levin allowed Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart, commander of NORAD on September 11, 2001, to bob and weave and lie about events that day. Levin was protecting, and will continue to protect, the two treasonous American generals who helped forward the cause of world Jewish domination.


Without presenting any evidence or granting due process in any recognized court of law, Bush & Company declared the terrorist acts were committed by Muslims, and bombed Afghanistan. Meanwhile, in Palestine, the Israelis began to move their tanks into the West Bank. The significance of the 9-11 terror becomes more obvious each day. The purpose of the 9-11 terror was to springboard the “Final War for Jerusalem.”

Jewish Lightning

In the two-part video below, George Hunt discusses the term “Jewish lightning,” (i.e. the practice by New York Jewish property owners of setting their buildings on fire and collecting the insurance), and he also labels Chabad of Wall Street a “pit of vipers.”


Apparently Chabad of Wall Street does not go in for posting videos online in a big way. The only video I could find was this one, consisting solely of still images (with no sound track) apparently captured at a Hanukkah celebration. What you see in it does not in any way resemble a “pit of vipers.” In fact they look like rather nice, normal people. Looks of course can be deceiving. If, as Keiser maintains, Wall Street bankers—the “financial terrorists” as he calls them—are deliberately creating financial havoc on a global scale, and thereby destabilizing whole countries, we have to ask ourselves: is the sole motive personal financial enrichment or are there other objectives? If other objectives are in play, could one of them be “softening up” the European and North American populations in an effort to make them more receptive to coming changes? After all, if the Gentile countries prove incapable of self-governance, many of the people in these countries will not only be more receptive to a Jewish-Hasidic world order that promises stability and a semblance of prosperity, some will actually beg for it.

Yes, affable, apparently pleasant human beings are what we see in the Chabad video. But we have to remember, these are people brought up on the holocaust narrative. From early childhood it is drummed into them, quite literally as a religious credo. Six million…six million…six million. They were very nearly wiped out, says the narrative. And hostile Gentiles the world over, in growing numbers, are simply waiting for the right moment, the right hour, to strike again, to usher in and initiate the latest chapter in a history of persecution stretching back thousands of years, a long segmented chain of victimizations perpetrated by irrational anti-Semites who spread blood libels about them and never seem to tire of repeating history. This is the narrative. And while it is believed to varying degrees, for some it becomes a central part of their self-identity. Am I overstating things? Perhaps. But if I’m not, we must inquire to what lengths such people, such self-identified victims, would go to thwart the presumed machinations of the anti-Semite masses, and would this include the carrying out of a false flag attack?—which could of course be construed as another blood libel, but at some point the narrative and reality, the real and the unreal, the imagination and the substantive, begin to fuse and merge with one another.

If the above-mentioned “softening up” is indeed one of the objectives, then a key function, either consciously or unconsciously, of the various AIPAC-type lobbies situated in Western countries would be ensuring that the most honest and qualified—in essence the most competent—people are excluded from holding public office of any kind. Such individuals would represent a serious threat to the game plan of deliberate destabilization. The “He doesn’t stand a chance of getting elected” refrain then becomes an important psychological underpinning for the new Jewish world order, and with each disappointing election cycle, the refrain becomes more ingrained in public consciousness, reinforced by a rapidly growing recognition that money is the Achilles heel of democracy.

Conveniently, Chabad is there, not only with a solution to these many ills—Jewish control of the world—but even a religion—Noahidism—for the Gentiles to follow and thereby reap the blessings of God as servants of the Jews. The message is: surrender your national sovereignty to the bankers and peace will come. Thus the history of the world progresses…from Pax Romana, to Pax Americana, to Pax Judaica. It is an advancing juggernaut of sorts, and I’m not sure conventional protests such as we’ve seen them in the past, or even rioting such as recently occurred in Britain, are capable of stopping it. What does have the power to derail it, in my view, is an awakening to a strong spiritual faith—though one far different, of course, from Talmudic Judaism or its bastardized “noahide” offspring.

Call me mad if you like; regard me as a lunatic religious fanatic if that’s what pleases you, but the only thing that can halt the juggernaut in my view is a powerful spiritual force among the people, one that would function not instead of, but in addition to, the aforementioned protests, and which would become a key and necessary component of them; a force that is both near and far, within and without, dwelling in every heart, and beyond darkness. Such a force exists. It is called God. It is a God who is infinitely merciful and loving. A God who invites the poor, the crippled, and the blind—or the “blemished” as they were regarded by the Judaic Pharisees—and who responds like a lover, who fills our seven spiritual centers, or “chakras”, when we offer ourselves. It is a God who lives inside us, and who rejoices when, in the words of Paul, we no longer “conform to the pattern of the world.”

Additional material of interest…

Merry Christmas, and OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! by Carol A. Valentine—again, an absolute must read


Additional article by Valentine entitled Senator Carl Levine, NORAD, and Chabad Lubavitch


Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has just produced this new, 15-minute video, narrated by Ed Asner. The video contains comments by various people, some of whom call for a new “independent, unbiased investigation” into 9/11, though without specifying who would conduct such an investigation. (Our AIPAC-controlled Congress? The FBI?) Neither does the video itself seem to offer any answer to this. But aside from this flaw, what is presented is not only “compelling evidence,” as it were, but in actuality rock-solid proof that Building 7 was indeed brought down by controlled demolition. Literally, there can be no other conclusion than that this is what happened that day.


Atlantic writer Jeffrey Goldberg employs ridicule to try to deflect suspicion of global financial manipulation


A somewhat speech-challenged Chabad rabbi stumbles through a prayer before the California state Senate.


“Joy to the Jews.” Slick Chabad promo aimed at American Jews. (Join us! And don’t advertise your racism in mixed company! )


Additional information on Chabad which includes the following:

Ari Fleischer: Reform Lubavitch, by James Besser,
Baltimore Jewish Times, 10/26/2001, V.262, N.8, p. 30
"Like that of most high-ranking White House officials, press secretary Ari Fleischer's life has been an exhausting blur since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. But he took a few hours off last week to pick up an award from American Friends of Lubavitch, and to help boost the group's extensive Jewish outreach efforts on Capitol Hill — efforts that Mr. Fleischer, a former congressional staffer, has supported from the beginning. He was given the group's Young Leadership award and Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) was the night's honoree at a dinner that drew hundreds of Washington political bigwigs, Capitol Hill staffers and Washington money people. Mr. Fleischer was an early leader and co-president of Chabad's Capitol Jewish Forum, which brings together lawmakers and congressional and administration staffers for Jewish events study ... In a show of bi-partisanship, both Mr. Fleischer and Mr. Lieberman lavished praise on the active Chabad effort that emphasizes the army of young staffers in government and political jobs."


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    The TRUTH needs to be told


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    Thanks Nahida, I try my best, as we all do and must.
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    White genocide by assimilation.

    When we have: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody, what do we have overtime?

    We have solid Black only and Solid Asian only countries, exclusively for Blacks and Asians, based upon exclusive genetics and culture. Culture is respected and so tolerable to these groups. They do not need to tolerate massive inflows of invaders and made to tolerate foreign cultures.

    We have more and more non-whites in White countries since the right of Whites to exclusive territory is denied them.

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    How is this not White genocide?

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

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