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More Racist Attacks in Israel

The Shehadeh family car after it was set on fire

Earlier this week Jewish extremists in Israel went on a rampage of vandalizing Palestinians’ cars and desecrating a Christian cemetery. Here apparently we have their encore performance...

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Israelis Torch Cars and Vandalize Christian Cemetery

Israeli vandals are at it again...destroying headstones in a Christian cemetery and torching cars belonging to Palestinians.

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Holocaust of Lies: US Mainstream Media

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

...and if we are taking the word “holocaust” to mean “a epic-scale horrific destruction of something precious or sacred,” then perhaps the biggest holocaust of all is the ongoing immolation of truth in the mainstream media...

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Israel Denies Christian Peacemaker Teams Entry to Palestine

...CPT has worked in Hebron for nineteen years, where their main activity is walking children to school to protect them from settlers’ attacks...

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Palestinian Town Deliberately Sprayed with Israeli Sewage

Israeli Army sprays sewage on the streets of Abu Dis.

Abu Dis is a Palestinian town bordering Jerusalem, and what took place there a few days ago—i.e. Israeli soldiers deliberately drenching buildings and streets with sewage—is not entirely new...

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Poetry by Nahida: ‘Stay Human…Stay Sane’

How can one see all this evil
and stay sane

How can a soul live all these horrors
and stay sane...

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Passing the torch to a new generation of Syrians as postwar reconstruction looms



Few in the Syrian Arab Republic these days would question the urgency and enormity of the task of reconstructing their ancient country from destruction caused by a war already more than half as long as World War I and approaching half as long as World War II...

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Who Handles ‘Security’ for the Annual Hajj to Meca? You’d Be Surprised

Would the Saudi royal family hire a British security firm implicated in Israeli apartheid to provide "security" for pilgrims to Mecca this year? If you know anything about the Saudi royal family, you may by now have already guessed the answer to that...

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‘Evidence of the Most Disgraceful War Crimes Imaginable’

Did the Western-backed terrorists in Syria abduct children, murder them with sarin gas, and then film their lifeless bodies for the purpose of justifying a "humanitarian war" on Syria?

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Ave Maria

"But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart."

The Memoirs of Saint John: No Greater Love

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Special thanks to our research assistant, msa. Muchas gracias.

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